Day: Friday, May 1, 2015
Time: 9:00 AM - 10:15 AM
Title: An Environmental Enhancement Partnership Between MET and SHA
Description: SHA and MET will partner in an effort to deliver environmental enhancement projects in support of Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay restoration efforts, to meet restoration goals set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). MET will assist SHA in promoting this program and identifying willing property owners who hold preservation easements that are interested in enhancing their property through tree and/or buffer plantings or stream restoration projects. SHA will leverage MET’s relationships with their easement holders to coordinate with property owners, track potential opportunities and coordinate right-of-way and protective agreement documentation. In addition, MET will provide staff to inspect and monitor the sites during construction and beyond. This will be an informative presentation on SHA’s bay restoration efforts and an overview of the environmental enhancements partnership between SHA and MET. This presentation will inform conference attendees on the partnership details and how interested property owners can participate.
Track: Morning Meeting
Level: All
Lead Presenter: Rob Shreeve: Deputy Director, Office of Environmental Design - Maryland State Highway Administration
Co-Presenter(s): Michele Aitkenhead: Senior Planner - McCormick Taylor