Day: Friday, May 1, 2015
Time: 2:30 PM - 3:45 PM
Title: Urban Forest Patches Matter: Why They Are Falling Through the Cracks, and Why We Need to Save Them
Description: Forest patches in urban environments offer important Рand often underestimated Рecological, social, and economic benefits. Yet instead of being valued as a way to meet environmental and social goals and satisfy regulatory requirements, they are typically left at risk for destruction, removal, and development. This workshop will share the latest findings about the ecosystem services that forest patches provide and how to communicate these benefits to various stakeholders. It will explore some of the legal and regulatory barriers to protecting forest patches in Baltimore City and Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties, and will explore grassroots efforts in Baltimore to protect forest patches. The panel will then facilitate a discussion with the audience that considers legal, advocacy, and community organizing tools to protect these patches, focusing on how land trusts can play an important role in acquiring, protecting, and restoring these patches for conservation, regulatory compliance, and community enjoyment.
Track: Urban & Community Conservation
Level: All
Lead Presenter: Rachel Toker: President & CEO - Urban Ecosystem Restorations, Inc.
Co-Presenter(s): Miriam Avins: Executive Director - Baltimore Green Space
Diane Cameron: Director - Audubon Naturalist Society
Katie Lautar: Program Manager - Baltimore Green Space